19 September 2013



I'll soon be back on track for my 60x60 list...

I have a knitting class (No. 51) scheduled for October 4th so I do still have it on my mind.

But getting reliable internet and getting our baby Hummer back have been the two things on my mind these past few weeks.

Wednesday morning I finally got a call from Century Link announcing that my DSL was "live". 
Not only was it working ( only two days after it was promised) but it was speedy!
Pictures load! Videos come up! With the sound!   It's absolutely  amazing.

And yesterday I got the call that the H3 was ready except.... when they did the final test drive the sun roof would not open. An overnighted motor fixed that little issue and tomorrow I go to pick it up.

I'm not sure who is more excited, me or Belle.   I finally get my car back and not a minute too soon for my taste. With all of the rain the roads are less than ideal around the cabin. I find the rental skidding on the rock road with just the tiniest brake pressure. I do not like that sensation. Please give me my all wheel drive vehicle back.
And Belle has always wanted a Hummer, ever since she got her license. But Hummers  were deemed unsuitable (by her evil parents) for life in Houston and she had to settle on another choice for her first car.   But guess what? !   Hummers are pretty awesome for life in Colorado. So now she gets to drive her ideal car- even though it will stay here when we return to Texas. It's a cabin car, not a Belle car. We have to keep reminding her.

So expect a return to the list soon enough.

I just had to get life back on track.

And life this week includes homecoming at the high school.

There was a parade that Belle and Bunny got to be in and a bonfire which I was told I was not allowed to go to. Although I had already been told that parents were going to the bonfire by someone else. But I humored those girls and stayed home.
And a football game tomorrow night in suitably cool, Fall type weather.

Salida High School Cheer Leaders marching in the parade.

Busy, busy.   I like that.
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