25 September 2013



Nope, this isn't a post that ends with me in the hospital.

Although I have had those kinds of falls before.  Just not recently.

Instead, this is the Autumn kind of Fall.

Sunday, September 22, was the first official day of Autumn.  Or the Autumnal Equinox if you like.

And right on cue, Monday morning, look what we woke up to:

A frosty view out the front door.

There's snow in them thar hills!   Snow on the top of the Twin Sisters.

And there was a chill in the air.

Today driving up the mountain I noticed something else...
yellow leaves.

I swear these leaves were green last week.

Having only one other time lived in an area where the leaves change color, I am so looking forward to this new turn of events. 

In celebration I am making pine cone garlands this afternoon. If they are a success, I will share a DIY tutorial. 

Because not only is Fall bringing cooler temps, changing leaves and the promise (threat?) of snows to come, it is also bringing my friend Cherrilla all the way from Massachusetts. And the cabin needs to be decorated!

And lest you think I have totally forgotten about the 60 by 60 list- don't despair.  Cherrilla and I will both be tackling knitting class next week. That's No. 51. 

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