26 August 2013

No. 25: See a concert- live music

No. 25: See a concert-Live music performed by real people

I discussed quite a few options here regarding who I should go see live. And then I managed to miss all of those people and ended up in Colorado for the fall so my plans have changed.

Because I am mostly spouse-less here and don't know a lot of people here that are adults I am being brave. And fearless. Or at least refusing to sit in the house all by my lonesome.

In Salida, the closest town, there is a theater and event center called the SteamPlant.  It started out as the light company for the town in 1887.  It no longer supplies the electricity here but does supply the entertainment. Or at least some of it.

The SteamPlant is on the Arkansas River. 
I've never been in it before.

So, while perusing their calendar, this group caught my eye.

A trio of Swedish sisters, The Baskery Sisters, have been compared to the Roches and the Dixie Chicks.  A little bit of "mud-country" and a little bit "punk".  Sounds like my kind of combination.

I have tickets for this week. I'll let you know how they are. And what the SteamPlant is like.
And how I manage going out by my lonesome. Unless I can con those girls into coming, also.

No. 25 is on the calendar....
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