11 April 2013

Follow up Friday: The New No. 25

The new No. 25.
Go to a show. Live music. 

You might remember that I goofed and repeated a challenge on the original list. No. 25 and No. 57 were the same: See a professional hockey game.
So I have a new No. 25.
Go to a concert-as in live music-not the symphony.
Again this should be easy.
But nothing is ever as it seems.
Got to find someone to go with me. The Prince of a Husband doesn't like crowds or most of the music I like.
Maybe get a kid to go? I have a few friends that might be brave enough. My musical interests are varied.
Then I've got to get tickets.
Anyway,  I have a few concerts in mind.

Bruno Mars. He's my current crush. His Unorthodox Jukebox CD is on repeat in the car.
He was here for the rodeo and I didn't get to see him. Everyone that did see him said what a great show he put on. And he returns to Houston on August 15. So Bruno seems like a good choice.
(Well, dang, just checked and he's already sold out. But. Miracles can happen.)

Bruno Mars. Yes, please.

Next on the list is the Moving Sidewalks Reunion. This would be a blast from the past. They had a Doors vibe. The music was good then and has held up well. I have their original album, Flash, upstairs in a box (probably unplayable as my brother, Paul, had a tendency to store albums unsleeved under the bed on the tile floor). I gave Boy the reissued album for Christmas.
I remember this band from its first incarnation when I was maybe 12. Garage bands were the rage and one of the Sidewalk band members lived down the street. My older brothers knew these guys. They went to the local high schools. Two of the members got drafted, the other two went on to form ZZ Top. Fast forward 8 years. Home from Mexico, I walked the dog every morning, stopping to chat with the neighbor, home from Viet Nam. We became friends.
This guy opened for Jimi Hendrix and the Doors.
How cool is that???
Anyway, the Moving Sidewalks have had their first reunion show in New York, the second show is now in Austin.
Ummm, hello guys, y'all are from Houston. How about reuniting here?
But I could maybe make the trip to Austin.
Wonder if those tickets are still available? Guess I need to check.

The Moving Sidewalks then.

The Moving Sidewalks now. 
They are a tiny bit older.

Or... And this would probably require an Austin trip, also, although he does come to Houston some....Dax Riggs.
Boy turned me on to this musician a few years ago. We went to see him when Boy was under age and Dax Riggs was playing at a "21 and over" club. Good ol' Texas laws- mama can take you into a club as long as she stays with you. We did that more than once.
Riggs is a little guy with an amazing voice and I would LOVE to hear him again. His We Sing of Only Blood or Love  CD was/is one of my favorites. This song just rocks.
(Just checked and Dax Riggs was in Houston last month. Seems I'm a day late and a dollar short all the way around here.)

Dax Riggs

And last but not least on the list:  Mumford and Sons
I swear Bunny will scream if she gets in the car again and hears the Babel CD.  I think I played it one time too many.  
But I want to see them in the UK. Wouldn't that be too cool?  I imagine they are a fun live show.
They will be in Houston on June 12 but I will be in Colorado. That's the weekend of FIBArk in Salida and I have been informed that I am taking multiple girls.   So I won't be seeing them in Houston and I probably won't be seeing them in the UK.  They will be in Colorado at the end of June. Maybe? 

Mumford and Sons

What shall it be?
Any other suggestions?
Got to score me some tickets.

And I promise pics of the baby quilts are coming. Just got to get the babies and the quilts together.
Turns out Amanda's twin, Allison, wants a quilt, too. She has just announced that she is pregnant with No. 2. Yay! 
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