24 March 2013

Friday, Saturday, Sunday of No. 17

Friday, Saturday and Sunday of No. 17: Draw every day for a month

Friday's picture was drawn with my left hand.
I am normally right handed.
This is a common art class technique used to literally and figuratively slow you down and make you think as the pencil hits the paper. By using a non-dominant hand, there is a tendency to also use the non-dominant right side of your brain which is better at seeing, not assuming it sees, what is in front of you. Using the non-dominant hand to draw also presents the challenge of staying on task- it takes a LOT of concentration to control that wonky hand.
It's also really fun to see the results which sometimes are much better than the dominant hand. Imagine that!

Lazy feet. Day 22.

Lazy feet become scary feet. 

Saturday was also going to be left handed because I THOUGHT Carlos was tired enough to sleep while I sketched. Wrong! Instead I ended up drawing half from the photo and half from real life and totally with my right hand.

Sleepy puppy.
 Just not sleepy enough to stay still.

Day 23. Love that face.

Sunday's pic is another left handed one.
Of a right hand.
The hardest part of this was taking the photo of my right hand with my left hand.
And I am somewhat ambidextrous.  
I once had an acquaintance (who shall remain un-named) that told me my mom must have dropped me on my head when I was a baby, thus resulting in some slight left-brain damage. Seriously.  
There are some things that I can't do on my right side so maybe they were right- but really??
A little harsh, don't you think?
I can't wink my right eye or snap my right fingers but it seems like a stretch to get to brain damaged.....  Or maybe we are all brain damaged.  
O well. Me and my damaged brain have managed just fine so far.

Day 24 which is also March 24.

Hmmm. Scary. 
Obviously the work of a brain damaged person. 
The second hardest part of this was keeping my right hand 
still because it wanted to "help" the left hand with the drawing.

Only one more week of my lovely drawings.   
I've been working on another project which is a surprise. Hopefully I will finish it this week (or next) and can share some pics then.

Also going to dinner on Friday in Houston to someplace new - thereby working on No. 60: Hit five restaurants in Houston that I have never been to before. 

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