11 March 2013

No. 17: Still Drawing

No. 17 - Draw every day for a month.
Still drawing.  Days 9, 10 and 11.

Decided rather than keep doing little sketches of something different every night that I should set up a still life. I have been in my son's room a lot, cleaning and rearranging, because he has recently vacated it.   I love having an empty room in the house that I can escape to- away from the TV. Also, the door can be closed so Carlos can't get in and eat everything. That's a huge plus. (It does not matter one bit that there is nothing actually edible in that room. Carlos still will find something to eat. See here.)

So here is my project:

And here is Day 9:  Roughing in the general shape.

 Day 10: Filling out the sketch a bit:

Day 11: Adding some color and shadows:

I find it a little interesting/depressing that my style of drawing has pretty much stayed the same since High School.  I'm trying to decide if I should look at that as "I have a strong style that I have stuck with over the years" or -more likely- "I haven't improved one lick in the last 39 years".  

Either way, it is what it is.  

The point of my drawing is no longer become a famous artist although that would still be great fun. The point now is to have fun and lose myself in something I'm enjoying doing.

At that I am very successful.

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