18 March 2013

No. 17: Some of my favorite things

No. 17: Draw every day...and draw some favorite things.

Today I left Mr. Carlos outside all day while I worked.  Carlos is mostly an inside dog and today was very warm...he definitely was not acclimated to this upward change in temperature. On the bright side, it made him very tired this evening which meant he snoozed while I drew!

Sweet sleepy puppy:3D

Sweet sleepy puppy:2D

When this puppy isn't sleeping, he is bringing me things.  Since he chews up 
everything I tend to reward him if he brings me some item unchewed.  He has learned that bringing me objects results in treats. He's a pretty smart dog. 
Yesterday I was cleaning out closets in a feeble attempt at feeling in control. I put a bag of stuffed animals into Boy's room and thought I closed the door. 
A few minutes later Carlos brought me a package of gum. I took the gum, thanked him and gave him a treat. 
Then I got a box of contact lens cleaner.  Hmmm... this is stuff from Boy's room but isn't the door closed? 
Next was a pair of sunglasses. Another treat and I'm thinking I need to go close a door. 
Then I got Molly.  Molly is/was my middle child's Lovey when she was a baby. She had been in that bag of stuffed animals. 
Molly has been to Cozumel more than most people I know. She's been to Paris and London, also. She's done the whole pre-school nap time thing and had about a zillion and three books read to her. She even got lost for a few days but managed to find her way home.  
Fortunately Carlos did not eat Molly first.  I would have cried.  I'm pretty sure Belle wouldn't have cared but it would have killed me. 
But since Molly was out visiting with me, I decided to draw her, too.

Carlos brought me Molly and a trip down
 Memory Lane.

Can you have a doll bronzed? 
 Embalmed? Framed? 

Days 17 and 18 done.  

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