07 March 2013

No. 17 ...all month long

No. 17. Days 6 and 7

Drawing every day for a month: Number 17 on my list.


A little sugar bowl...

and a smushed little sugar bowl? 
I was tired,  I confess.

Thursday's victim subject is our old cat Max or MaxyCatNoTail as one of the girl's friends call him. He's a Manx.  Doesn't have a tail and never did. 
And he is OLD. Almost 19 years. 
And besides being a little wobbly and not really big on grooming himself anymore, he's perfectly fine and will probably live another few years.  That's a little problem because he is living on our dining room table. Literally. His food is at one end, kitty box at the other and blankies in between. Don't worry. The table is covered in vinyl tablecloths and puppy pads so it will be safe to eat off of if we ever get the chance again. 
Anyway, Max is a good old guy. And while he sleeps through most anything, of course he woke up while I was trying to draw him. It's a cat thing. Big noises are okay, it's being sneaky that worries them. 

Isn't he a lovely centerpiece?
No dinner parties at this house.

Night, night Maxy.

Bless his little heart.

And happy weekend to all.  More sketches on Monday. Maybe I will miraculously come up with a great work of art over the weekend!
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