19 February 2013

Everyone's Doing This, Also

I hate this.   

Seems like everyone is doing this also, and I wish they wouldn't

Friday I will go to my fourth funeral in six months. 

The father of a very good friend passed away a year after having had a stroke.  

Two of those four funerals I went to were for the fathers of friends. One for a mom.  The other, of course, was for my brother, a father to no one. (At least no one that we know of....) 

I guess it's the thing to do at this age.  Parents are dying. Fortunately not MY parents, but everyone else's parents seem to be.

But it got me to thinking about my friends' parents.   

This dad is/was one of the few dads that I really remember from my high school years. He always had home improvement projects going on and I spent a lot of time at that house. He was a good, fun dad. 
Married for 64 years or something close to that and his wife, my friend's mom, was like a second mother to me. Even better than a real mother because she thought I could do no wrong.     

There are only two or three other fathers that I can even conjure up images of.   

Makes me wonder.   In 40 years will my kids' friends remember me? Will they remember my husband? 
I think I'll be remembered if only because I have taken many, many different kids to the beach and to Colorado on vacation for days and weeks at a time. 

Anyway, farewell to Dave. He'll be missed. 

And let's remember what our parents said about peer pressure. If everyone were jumping off a bridge, would you do it, too?  Of course not.

So let's not all go around dying. 

It's no fun for the rest of us.
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