20 August 2017

Wow! Whew! Way!

Wow. Whew. (A)way.


I can't believe it's been more than 3 weeks since I've posted. Life has been barreling towards me at an unprecedented  pace. Time really does move faster as you age, doesn't it? Seems like we just started 2017 and now we are heading into fall.


Why whew? Because I've been moving. Bigly moving. Pretty much I was given eleven days to decide how to divvy up a 3000 square foot house full of furniture and belongings. I'll go into the details later maybe, but for now, let's go with four people, moving to five different locations. Everyone's items needed sorting-fortunately I did have a head start on that.

The morning of closing on the house with 
the most ferocious real estate agent I've ever used. 
Debbie Marcell/BHGRE

The big guy went to an apartment in town so he took the most furniture.
Bunny is headed back to school and a new apartment (no more tiny dorm room for her!) so she is taking as much as she can in her little car, with her dad following along with her bed and some other belongings in his truck.
The dad wanted next to nothing but still needed all of his personal stuff sorted from the rest.

Bunny's pile. 
She tried putting all of this and then some into her sedan.
Didn't work. 

I filled an entire charity truck yesterday with furniture and belongings. Goodwill and I are on first name basis now. Half Price Books is the beneficiary of books, CDs and DVDs. (And I'm the beneficiary of their piddly pay out amounts.)  An online Facebook "who wants this" post garnered new homes for much of the stuff, including our sweet Ruby chinchilla who could not go with her owner to school and could not stay with me because-achoo-I am so allergic to her hay.

Ruby Roo went to a family with five kids.
She'll get plenty of attention there. 

The rest of the stuff went to storage for the time being.

It's amazing what you can fit into a 10x10 space. 

And Way!?

Way is where I am going. As in away.

I am in Colorado now. Permanently? Semi-permanently? For two months? No idea.

Good morning from the cabin. 
It was 47ยบ this morning. 
The garden needs a ton of work. 

Taking a month or two off after some big life changes to reboot, regroup, recharge. I am exhausted, depleted, drained. My mind is worn out.   I spend a lot of time wandering around wondering where I put stuff. The last minute packing of the house into either a storage unit or my car ended with some interesting results.
The baby teeth made it here from the safe but I assume the car title and cabin deed are in storage. Guess which items I would rather have here?  (And what do you DO with baby teeth?) The balsamic vinegar and olive oil that I meant to put in the car must be in storage. I did make it here with some wine.

It will all work itself out eventually.

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