06 December 2016


Hi! I'm back.

Sorry. Took a little hiatus there after the election. I was in Colorado without a computer. Then I came back to Texas after the election and just haven't had the spunk to write a post. Too many things going on. Parents, friends, family, the world.  You know. Life with a capital L. 

Gorgeous Colorado Sunrise

But while I was in Colorado I packed in a ton of fun. The weather was beautiful for November in Colorado. Days in the 70s and evenings in the 30s. Perfect for closing up the cabin for the winter, which was my goal. 

Camouflaged Carlos went with me...
he was so happy to be back in the woods. 
Notice he is wearing his neon orange "Hunters please don't shoot me" collar.
One weekend was spent in Denver and I tried TWO new restaurants...although I think I may fall short on "No. 63: try 12 new restaurants in 2106" at this point. Maybe I need one last push. 

Tried a new sport: Pickleball! In the Mile High City. Granted that is a lower elevation than the cabin by a couple thousand feet, but it was still pretty high up to be running. Or panting, as I was doing. 

Visited with two friends while I was there, also, which made it super special.

And a magnificent early evening shot of the Twin Sisters with
the perfect sliver of moon hanging overhead. 

Started a fun project which has come back to Texas with me.

A really fun project....

And to top the whole fabulous trip off, I got an amazing offer while I was driving back to Texas. I had added No. 87: Go to Fiesta in San Antonio after seeing a post from a San Antonio friend last April. At the ages of 6 and 7 our family lived in San Antonio and enjoyed Fiesta. So much fun. We went back one time after moving back to Houston, but that was it. Haven't been back since.  But that sweet San Antonio friend sent me a message: Would I be interested in judging the Battle of Flowers Parade at Fiesta in 2017?   Would I?  O! Hell yes! How exciting. So Fiesta San Antonio, here I come. (Well, in April!) 

Restaurant reviews and my awesome Saturday night in Denver and a project update to come. 
And hopefully I will get back on track with posts. 

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