12 August 2016

This Wasn't on the List!

This wasn't on the list!  
(But maybe should have been)

I'm back in Texas to get Bunny off to college. My babyyyyy. Eek! Squeal!
That's why the blog has been silent.

The house is a disaster while she acquires all of the things she MUST have to go school.
"Mom, I don't have any towels yet!"
"I have an idea. Take some towels from the bathroom."
Seriously. Do we HAVE to have monogrammed towels for college? I suggested taking the monogrammed towels we already have that have her siblings' names on them. What's the matter with taking towels that say Belle and Boy? No one will steal them.

Anyway, this is what I arrived home to:

Using all of my restraint, I left it. All of it. Not my mess.

A week later, it looks like this:

Progress.  Still ignoring it. Still not my mess.

I have helped her do the laundry that was on the floor of her room.  
Her sister's room currently looks like this. Please note, the sister does lives in Florida. While Belle was home last week for a few days, she took all of her stuff with her when she left. This is Bunny's adjunct room/closet. All of this is hers. All of this is going to college. She has another room that looks basically the same. Everything in there is going also.

Bunny is doing the classic "spoiling the nest" routine that teenagers do so well. Trashing our house so that we will be eternally grateful when she leaves.  Bless her heart.

Anyway, I'm not sure how two rooms of clothes, bedding, clothes, furniture, clothes, laundry items, clothes and bathroom items (and clothes) will all fit into basically a 9x12 dorm room along with another cute teenage girl who will also be bringing the same amount of crap  personal belongings, but we shall see.

Meantime, I'm off to find a bed safe for the girl. And maybe just a couple more "must haves".
Like mother, like daughter.

I'm not sure Mississippi is ready for her.


I still need to write about the most interesting part of my trip to Aspen. I had my Tarot cards read. 
I recorded the session and have been listening to it, trying to absorb all that was said. Also have pics of all the cards so that I can refer back to them. That will be next post.

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