23 May 2016

Another New Restaurant or I'm Rocking No. 63....

Another New Restaurant aka Rocking No. 63
(#63: Try at least 12 new restaurants in 2016)

Well, I'm not getting much done these days but I am getting out to eat occasionally. 
Yay for that. 

Last weekend involved a road trip to the Dallas area with some friends for another friend's surprise sixtieth birthday party.   The party was actually east of Dallas but on the way we stopped right in downtown Big D for lunch.

I would show you some pictures but my phone died. Crashed. Cratered. Actually it was wearing prison stripes as its home screen. Not a good look for it, either. It's the first time I've had a phone die without being dropped in water or otherwise abused. 

Anyway, lunch. 

We went to Lark on the Park which wins the prize for most fun name ever. Doesn't it just sound like a place you would love to visit? 

Hey wait! Sweet Peggy took pics and she shared them with me/you. 

It's one of those just too perfect spare urban restaurants with seasonal cuisine, a good craft beer list and a great view of -duh!- the park across the street. I had the grilled cheese- perfectly hedonistic- and the most sumptuous sweet potato chips ever. 

But the thing that makes the restaurant really special to me is the artwork. Giant chalkboards cover the walls and every quarter they have different artists come in and draw huge murals. Past walls have included work by tattoo artists, graphic designers, jewelers, students and professors. What a wonderful way to share art on a regularly changing basis.

 Unfortunately their website does not have info on the current artists.

 This was my very favorite.
Something about prisoners(?) in kitty caps? 
Or adults in kid pajamas?
It spoke to me. 

So much effort for such an ephemeral piece.

Art: it does a body good. Or something like that. 

And the birthday friend? She was very very surprised!

Happy happy birthday, Liddy!

Next week we go to Colorado to watch Bunny graduate with the rest of her class. She's been out of school since December but she's not official until next weekend. 

I can't believe I haven't seen my Twin Sisters since they were dressed in snow. Wonder if it is all gone now?  

The Twin Sisters

Posting will be sparse but I promise to check in at some point. 

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