15 October 2015

Better Ghouls and Gardens

Better Ghouls and Gardens: Decorating for Fall

Yay! One of my favorite times of the year- Fall.

And with Fall comes Halloween and with Halloween comes decorations. And candy. But for me, mostly decorations.

I shared my pine cone balls last week.  They are hanging outside.

Inside I decorated the mantel since there really isn't much else to decorate around here. And this mantel is so crazy odd...weird proportions.  Any help it can get is always welcome.

There are bats left over from a previous Halloween.

Bats that I stitched up last year.
Love the plates from Safeway with Mr. and Mrs. Skull.

Lots of bones found around the neighborhood.

Deer vertebrae.
I love bones.

A wine bottle with a black crow plus gourds and little pumpkins.  A candle cork tops off the bottle.

 A plaster cast of Carlos's paw seems to fit right in.

 Beautiful votive candle holders from Target add a little shine.
Felt leaves from the pumpkin patch made by my chicas add a little whimsy.

In the mirror you can see the ghosts from last year 
flying over the doorway.  

Happy Haunting!

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