29 September 2015

Green Acres and Charlotte's Web

Green Acres and Charlotte's Web, All Rolled into One.

The wasps have gotten out of control around here so I decided to spray under the eaves.  Unknowingly I dislodged this beauty from behind the window sill. I was worried I had poisoned her but am pleased to say she is still alive and spinning.

A cat face spider. 
Beneficial and harmless and BIG!

I like spiders. I really do. As long as they know their place which is outside or up in the high corners, not bothering or biting. I have had a few bad reactions to spider bites; one while I was in Mexico that required a doctor's visit.

But this one is HUGE.  The body is almost the size of a dime. Thinking it might also have a huge bite, I figured I needed to know it's name. Or type. You know, some background on my guest.

A few spider Google Image searches yielded nothing.

Next step: Salida Swap. This is a local Facebook page for people to find, sell, buy, or trade items or ask local questions.   

And this is where the Green Acres aspect comes in.

Not only did I get an immediate identification on my friend, I got comments, stories, pictures, videos and general entertainment. 

Screen shots of the replies, names removed to protect the innocent. 

So many people went out, took pictures of their spiders and then shared them with me. I love that.
Also love that the spider is friendly and beneficial.

She gets to stay. No more spraying around her window. But she needs to get to work on the wasp population.

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