01 July 2015

Taking Leave

Taking Leave....

Of my senses?  Possibly.

Of Colorado.   Definitely.

Bunny, Carlos and I are headed to Texas for a couple of weeks.   The neighbors are keeping an eye on the cabin. In case you feel like breaking in, keep in mind that the nice neighbor across the way is packing heat most days. He also occasionally doubles up on his pain meds, which makes him cranky. Just saying'.

We are off to visit with the family and experience civilization. Restaurants! Shopping!  Doctor's appointments. Ok, so not all will be fun and games.

The blog is taking an official hiatus until I return. Mid July is the target return date but right now our plans are pretty fluid.

Everyone have a fabulous Fourth of July and I'll see you in a few.

No matter how much I try preaching "Pack light", 
one of us doesn't listen. 
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