01 May 2015

Humility Block? Intentional? Personality?

Imperfections: Humility or Personality? 

I finished my little commission quilt. I guess it can be an extension of No. 8: Make baby quilts again.

So much fun.

Five old flannel shirts, well worn, well loved and a bit tattered, were the basis for this quilt. A toddler boy will be the recipient, the great nephew of the shirt owner. Isn't that a lovely idea? Loved shirts going to a loved child? Recycling at its best.

 Five shirts.

 Cut up...

New fabric was purchased for the trim and the backing.

Twenty four squares, 48 triangles sewn into blocks, then strips, then a quilt front.   One little triangle was added that was completely different, not from the shirt fabric.

Made into a bunch of triangles.

The reason for that?

I have always heard that the Amish believed that only God can create perfection, so they always added an imperfection in their quilts.  The Amish make beautiful quilts, colorful and precise, completely hand quilted.

Well, imagine my surprise when I looked up Amish quilts and discovered that the "only God can create perfection"  line is a myth.


I'm  sticking with the myth.

I learned my lesson once. A beautiful quilt, made for my nephew, with every little corner meeting perfectly, was almost complete, only needing a few threads trimmed.  The colors were uniform, nothing out of order. Hand quilted. Perfect. I was so proud of it because it was definitely the most precisely made quilt I had ever sewn.
Trimming those threads, I cut a hole  in the backing.  Yep.  A big ol' hole.   Had to patch it with a little fabric heart to cover it up.

That was the last time I made a quilt without a mistake.
I don't want to test the fates/God/gods/whatever.

Now they all have a quirk. This one has that different piece of fabric, unrelated to any of the others.

See that piece of green plaid up in the right hand corner? 
Intentional mistake.

A couple of the corners don't meet perfectly.  Not intentional, but it gives the  quilt personality.
And I will take personality over perfection. Is that humility? Or acceptance?

I don't know and I don't care.

A little quilt, imperfections and all, will warm and comfort its new little owner.

Cozy Polar fleece backing, a couple of pockets for treasures, 
and soft, broken-in flannel for the front. 
Perfection in its own way.
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