16 April 2015

Friday Follow Ups

Friday Follow Up....

Going to try and post this in between the electricity flashing on and off.  Excuse any inconsistencies in type, format. 

You know how I said Wednesday I wasn't worried about the snow forecast because it won't stick and it probably won't even happen? 
Twelve hours now that it has been snowing (okay, it did take a tiny break mid afternoon) and we probably have had at least 12 inches of snow. 

These were taken this morning.

 This rail was swept off about 7pm. 
This was taken at 9pm.

And tonight!
Briefly it rained and flattened some of the snow down. 
But there is at least 10" of snow on that rail.

And it is supposed to snow tomorrow. And maybe on Saturday. If not snow, at least rain. 

So I have been working on my little quilt commission. Triangles that make squares that make strips that will make a quilt top. A good project for a snowy day.

Crappy pic, sorry. In a hurry, racing the failing electricity.
Slowly but surely it will become a quilt.
Need to redistribute some of that red......

Happy weekend. 

Prom pics next week! Hopefully not a bunch of kids all dressed up standing in the snow. 

And....the above was written Thursday night. 
Here I am finally at Friday morning. It was a loooonnng night. 

The electricity kept going off and on, so much so that I just unplugged the computer and printer and everything else expensive. Not sure I have that much faith in those Wal Mart surge protectors. 

And poor Carlos. For such a big dog with such a scary deep bark, he has some major anxiety issues. We knew thunder was a problem but it seldom thunders here. Apparently the electricity clicking is also VERY frightening. 

Bunny and I made the executive decision to sedate him about 11pm last night. That might have been a couple of hours too late. He paced. He tried hiding. He scratched on the door to go out. (He normally never scratches on the doors here. Ever. ) I let him out about 2 am and he wandered, but finally came back after some calling. At 4am he was so desperate to get out I thought he might be having some intestinal distress. Nope. He just RAN! I thought I was going to have to get in the car and go looking for him. Except that the drive would need to be plowed before I could leave.
O yea, it was also PITCH BLACK out.
No electricity in the country on a cloud filled night=total darkness. A shake of the food bowl got him to return.
Finally this is where he settled down.

                                    Carlos! Where are you??

                   There you are! Hiding amongst the shampoos.
             Poor baby. Voluntarily in the bathtub.

The electricity is still iffy. The snow is still coming down. 
This is my world this morning. 

The back deck.
Out the side window

And out the front door.
Looks like it snowed all night. And it is still snowing.

My neighbor usually plows but he was over yesterday complaining about his back. And there is so much snow, I don't think he could plow anyways. Looks like we are S.T.U.C.K.  For a bit at least. 

Did I mention this cabin is all-electric?  No electricity, no heat. Fortunately the electricity doesn't stay off for long. I'm trying to get the house extra warm, just in case.

(And I'm thinking anybody on the East coast reading this is thinking "Wah, wah, wah! This is nothing compared to our winter." Which is true. We've had some lovely weather while the rest of the country suffered.  Looks as if we are having our winter in one 36 hour dump!)

Spring has not sprung.
Or maybe Spring has sprung a leak......

(This was finished up on my iPad which is just awful for centering, etc....so excuse the crazy pic placement.)    


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