22 April 2015

As promised, Prom

As promised, Prom.

Last Saturday night was prom for Bunny.

She's a Junior but the school has a Junior/Senior prom.  And her friend boy was a Senior last year, but he didn't go to prom. Much to Bunny's (and his mom's) dismay.

And somehow my girls have elevated prom to Cinderella-level Ball status.

The dress required multiple trips to Denver for shopping and alterations.

Shoes were stolen from sister over Spring Break.

Earrings were borrowed from my jewelry box.

The day of the dance we drove 2 hours to Colorado Springs in order to get hair and make-up done.

Two hairdressers, 45 bobby pins, 2 hair pins and one rubber band.

The results were worth it, I think.

All dressed up and someplace to go.

Dinner had been planned at one of the local restaurants. Except. Dinner was also supposed to be outside on the restaurant patio. Remember? We had 30" of snow on Thursday. The patio was cold and damp.

And all the prom dresses were pretty bare.

Dinner was rescued by the elementary school principal. He opened up the elementary to all the high school kids. Pizza was ordered, parents brought salad and decorations, tables were set up and dinner was served. Only in a small town. I can no more imagine that scenario happening in our Texas school district* than I can imagine.... what? I can't even think that crazy. Dancing hippos in tutus? Carlos flying airplanes? Me winning the lottery?
But, just like in Texas, the parents were swarming like paparazzi, snapping pictures left and right.

Kids and parents in the elementary school library.
Look at the view out that window.
Lucky books. 

And while Bunny was begging, borrowing and stealing from her family, her date was doing the same.

Somehow he managed to convince his grandpa to loan him his very expensive, very fast, very beautiful car for the evening. (This is a kid who maybe has been known to get a speeding ticket or two.)

I believe Mercedes could hire these two for an ad.

This is my favorite pic of the night. 

Or maybe this is my favorite. 
Aren't they adorable? 

And now, the realization.
Next year will be the last prom at our house.

Not sure I can handle this...............

*I say I cannot imagine it happening in our Texas school district because  of bureaucracy. Not because the principal might not think it was the right thing to do, although they probably wouldn't think of it at all. But because it would need to be cleared with the district and it wouldn't technically be a school function and then there is liability and who pays for the electricity to use the place and janitors, etc.   But here, everyone knows everyone or someone who knows someone else and parents stepped up and a few phone calls can work out the logistics over a course of a couple of hours.

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