23 February 2015



We have had a bit of snow recently. Quite a bit.

Eighteen inches in about 34 hours.

That's the most snow I've ever seen here at one time. And I've never seen it snow non-stop like that.

Today was even a snow day for Bunny. School was cancelled. Apparently the last time that happened at Salida High School was 10 or 11 years ago.   Even my work was cancelled. So this was serious snow.

And it was soooo pretty.

 Cozy and warm cabin in the woods.

And there was soooo much of it.

Thank goodness for silly neighbors that love to move snow. We managed to buy a house across from a former CDOT snow plow driver. He's retired but still plows the road and our drive. Bless his little heart.

I've learned there is an art to plowing roads. Do it wrong and there will be piles of snow in the wrong places.   And that snow has to go somewhere. Better plan ahead for that.

Because those cars were pretty well socked in. Not to mention the silly Hummer had a dead battery. Again. Every time it gets really cold or doesn't get started for a few days- kaput.  And yes, it's a new battery. 

I never got this little Hummingbird feeder put away last fall. I had to get the ladder out to reach it, and I didn't.  That's okay. I've learned the Hummingbirds will fly off anyway. And come back.

 We reupholstered the patio furniture...

...with snow seat cushions.

Snow table cloths, too.  Look at that pile of snow on the little table!

The snow went inside my knee high boots. It was that deep.

Carlos apparently was in Heaven. Or trying to signal the aliens. Look at those paths.

Silly dog.

By 3pm, the snow had been cleared, the sun was shining and the neighbor was back for a visit on the front porch. The temp went up to the mid 40s. Glorious day.

And tonight there was even snow at the Texas house. Definitely not as much as here in Colorado, but probably more exciting.

That groundhog must have known what he was talking about.

I see my weather forecast includes snow pretty much the rest of the week.

Happy winter everyone.

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