04 February 2015



More pictures.

I wasn't going to but then I downloaded the ones from my camera and I couldn't help myself.

Also, I went out to take more pics of the eagles but couldn't find them. On my way home I saw elk instead! Soooo exciting.  First time I have ever seen them so close to the house. Only the second time I have seen them in this area.  And I had my camera with me. Happy day.

I was showing the elk pictures to my neighbor, explaining how they were all together so I couldn't really get a good shot. In fact, the little herd was all "women and children" and they were moving in this big field like a very tight school of fish. One would turn and they all would turn.
Neighbor patiently explained to me that they were running from something.
Now I could kick myself for not hanging around. I imagine if I had been patient, there would have been a mountain lion, too. Definitely made absolute sense when he said it as that is exactly how the elk appeared. Frightened, hyper alert, one unit.

 Look at their eyes. On the alert.
Exit, Stage Right.

And more Twin Sisters pics. Sorry. The sky has just been too, too.

 More snow and clouds.

I think these Sisters are drama queens. 
Look at that sky.

And not the Twin Sisters, but the mountains out the back door.  

I love the way the sun was just on the mountain top.

And of course, our yard ornaments.  They are so cute. And so unafraid.

 There are tiny green shoots coming up under this dead grass.

 The deer have been having a field day with the new growth.  Yum.

 Even the baby knows where to look.

Snowing. Settled in until it stops.

Next week I promise no more mountain or animal pics. Unless Carlos does something amazing.
Or elk and mountain lions show up dancing in tutus in my front yard. 

Have a great weekend.
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