03 November 2014

A Light Shines in the Darkness..

A light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. *

Just something fun today.

I love the Sunday after the Fall time change...a long wonderful day that goes on and on and on.  But then it gets dark at what seems like 4:30 and that part I don't love so much. 

So I decided to shine a light into the dark.

Last week I scored a pine cone/pine needle decorated chandelier for $20 on the local online swap site.

This morning I ripped all the wiring out of that chandelier.  Light fixtures are pretty much just screwed together. It's easy to take them apart. 

Then I disassembled some solar lights.

The solar light bulbs got glued into the light sockets et voilĂ .

Screw, glue, shove the clear plastic part into the socket where the bulbs usually go.
The bulb/solar panel part screws off for easy replacement.

My chandelier went from being an electric light to a solar light.

It's hanging out on a pine tree limb in the back, guiding us to the parking spots, illuminating the void.

Looks like one of those lights didn't get charged.
Hopefully tomorrow it will work better. 
If not, the WalMart pack of bulbs came with seven to the pack.
Is that an odd number or what? But at least that means I have replacements.

I'm not 100% sure it will stay where it is....it's high enough to keep the deer from getting tangled up but I'm not sure if it will get enough sun to charge the solar panels.

But isn't it fun??

And while I would love to say this was my own original idea...it's not.
I stole it from Pam at Simple Details who probably stole it from someone else, etc. etc, etc.
Doesn't matter. It's all genius.

*John 1.15

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