04 September 2014

Follow Up Friday: Waterdog Lake

Follow Up Friday:  Waterdog Lake Hike

Yay! We made it.

Wednesday's hike was MUCH more successful than Sunday's attempt at a hike.

We were prepared.
We had a map. A walking stick with bells. Whistles to call to each other. Snacks. Lots of water.

We found the Trailhead!

This hike was described as "moderate" on one map and "easy" on a website. We were also told it was 1.4 miles to the first lake.

 Please note this is UPHILL.

 Still UPHILL.

 You might think I am posing for a photo but really I am catching my breath.

And still UPHILL.

After an hour and a half of huffing and puffing  hiking we made it to the top.

 Proof- that's the marker for the first lake.

O Man! It was worth it. 

Aren't you impressed? 
I learned how to use my Panoramic mode on my phone.

And...the pedometer showed we had walked 1.9 miles. We must have wobbled a lot; not walked in a straight line. 

We sat and talked and snacked and DRANK lots of water. 
Then we wandered about half way around the lake. 
We did not head up to the second lake as I was not about to go UPHILL one more step.
But apparently we would have been able to see the Continental Divide if we had.
We started at 8600 feet altitude and ended at 11,100.  High enough for me. 
After some scenic photos, we headed back down.

 Me, gasping for air.

 Me and Sue, holding on to each other for support  smiling for the camera.

 Pretty flowers against the CLEAN CLEAR water.

 Some more pretty flowers.

Gorgeous scenery everywhere. 

Downhill took us about 40 minutes. We had to watch our footing or else go sliding down.
All in all we hiked 3.8 miles. 
I came home and took some Advil.
It was a great day. 
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