15 September 2014

A Follow Up to No. 41: Enter Something Into the Fair

A Fair Entry Follow Up (No. 41)

No. 41: Enter something into the County Fair was a rush job.

I just happened to be back in Colorado from Texas for one week- the same week that the Chaffee County Fair was accepting entries for the Open Class Division.  Basically that means anyone can enter a division as long as you are not a 4-H member. And I am not.

Much to my dismay, I fell into the Senior Class. Over age 55. Seriously? I'm not feeling senior-ish. They must be confused.

And because there wasn't a lot of time to plan my entry... I came up with the easiest recipe I could.
Rum Balls.

Rum Balls ready for the fair. 

So easy, that I didn't even snap to the fact that while they were entered into the baking division, the cookies weren't even baked. They were just marinated.

Fortunately the rum must have influenced the judges.

Because I just happened to find the County Fair Results special edition online while reading the local newspaper and LOOK!!!

That's me!!!

It's a miracle. Or a mistake.   My name may be misspelled, but I know it is me.

My best guess is that there were only 5 entries into the Rolled Cookie Senior Baking Division. But that's okay. Right there in black and white on the World Wide Web is my (misspelled) name with BLUE for BLUE RIBBON.

Sadly, I believe I have missed my chance to actually retrieve the ribbon and prize money.

And did you see the prize money? $1.50! That would get an iced tea at McDonald's with 42¢ to spare.

O well.

No. 41 is done and won!

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