22 January 2014

It's a Sign

Give me a Sign!

In Big City, Texas we live in what is called a "Master Planned Community".   That means it is a lovely place to live and raise children but there isn't a lot of personality allowed architecturally.   Signs and buildings and landscaping are all heavily regulated.   That is great for property values but does not allow for much creativity. 

But where I get to live in Colorado has creativity galore.

I love creativity. 
And I love a sense of humor.

So it really tickles me that the city of Salida has not sent someone out to "fix" these stop signs.  I know the stickers have been up for at least a couple of years…and I think longer than that. Not that I am condoning vandalism, but hey! if you are going to vandalize city property you might as well do it in a way that brings a smile to people's faces.


Why, this one could even qualify as a PSA.

Stop Burning Dinosaurs. 
Food for thought as I am idling in my car at the stop sign.

I love this one. 
Definitely a cultural reference.
From 1990!
See: MC Hammer: U Can't Touch This
(Music video kindly included below)

U Can't Touch This. 
Love those pants.
(And if you can't see this- for some reason I have not perfected "embedding"-
please click here.)

Another PSA.

There are at least two of the "Stop Gossiping" signs in town. One near the High School.  That was probably wise. 

And this one says;
Stop Laughing at Danzig.
Another cultural reference.

Ok, I confess. I had to look this one up. It didn't ring any bells with me. Danzig? Who is that?

He's a horror punk rock/ heavy metal guy-Glenn Danzig of The Misfits- and apparently excels at making a fool of himself.
Here are a couple of links to explain: here and here 
I know Boy has a t-shirt with The Misfits logo on it:

I've sent this logo through the wash more than once.

So here's to creativity and a sense of humor.  

And if you feel like being creative, here's a link to some similar stickers.  Use at your own risk.

I'm not condoning anything.

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