08 October 2013

Colorado Parenting Tips

You learn something new every day...

Driving down the highway last week a tarantula skedaddled across the highway in front of the car.


I was surprised to see a tarantula, never having seen one here before, but other than that I did not think much of it.

I confess I am getting a bit blasé about the wildlife here.  Deer and turkeys are like squirrels and mockingbirds back in Texas: everywhere and just try not to hit them when they run out in the street.  A very large bear moseyed up the side of a mountain as I drove home Sunday from a great adventure and while it was exciting to see him, it wasn't a huge surprise.  The little fox runs down our driveway regularly. Soon the big horned sheep that give our canyon its name will be appearing by the roadside. So a tarantula was pretty much "o look" and nothing more.

And then this morning I got this blog post in my inbox:


"Southern Rockies Nature Blog

Posted: 07 Oct 2013 02:54 PM PDT
We have been seeing tarantulas crossing the county road lately, ever since the fall equinox. Normally they are almost invisible, but now it's mating season. (Funny, I was just at Cabela's and did not see any bull tarantula calls.)
The warm weather is perfect for the males, who will be out looking for love. After living in burrows for the first five to 12 years of their lives, the males risk all sorts of dangers as they seek to sow their seed.
And you never find older males living in Mom's burrow, because if they do, they are eaten. "

This blog is written by  and always has interesting tidbits about my  area. 

So now I know the answer to "Why did the tarantula cross the road?".  He was out looking for some nooky.

And Boy should be grateful he wasn't born into a tarantula family.

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