28 August 2013

More on Life at Green Acres/Redux

Green Acres/Redux: Life in the Slow Lane

Some days I just shake my head and think "What have I gotten myself into?"

Other days I KNOW what I have gotten into...life over my head!

Monday I headed into town for a yoga class. I allotted a solid 30 minutes to make the 15 mile drive into town.  Normally it is a 20 minute drive. Maybe 25.
And then I ran into this:

Colorado traffic jam

The picture doesn't fully show my frustration. That little white spot in front is an RV driving 30 miles per  hour. Max. In a 50.  With five cars- six including me- stacked up behind it.

The RV pulled over when it could and was replaced by a tractor. Doing 19. Miles. Per. Hour.

 Forty five minutes later I got into town, too late for yoga.  But I was definitely in need of some stress reduction at that point so I took a walk.  

There's a trail through the middle of town that is just lovely. I wish Carlos had been with me.

I passed black cows ...

Stress free cows. 

And these adorable Yak Cows.  I am sure they have some official name beyond Yak Cows, but that is what I am calling them. They were so cute.  

Also looking pretty stress free. 

But even cuter.
Yak Cow babies.  I wanted to swipe one and bring it home.  Then I came to my senses.


I almost stepped on this little guy because I was so busy looking at cows. He was quick, my phone camera is slow but he was about an 18 inch black snake . Not sure what flavor. 

Yikes! Better watch my step.

And here's my view on the way back to the car. Stress gone. Ready for the day.

Pretty view.

Thanks for coming along with me.

Tomorrow I'll go through some of the ways our lives are different from our old lives in Houston. 

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