29 July 2013

bits and pieces

Bits and Pieces....

No challenges beyond the big one: trying to get things together for No. 20: Move.  Only we are doing No. 20 Lite which is just a relocation for four months.

I have filled out a gazillion forms for the new school.  The girls are going from Vikings to Spartans.

We are in the process of purchasing a 4 wheel drive vehicle to take up there.  Belle has a very nice little station wagon that has maybe a 5 inch clearance from the ground.  We figure it would take her about 2 days before she bottomed out on a rock and inadvertently removed some important car part.  Also, her car is not four wheel drive which might be important once it gets cold and snowy.   Hopefully we finalize the car thing tomorrow.  Car buying is soooo time consuming.

Not new but new to us. 
Should be good in the snow and over rocks.

I am gathering birth certificates and passwords and insurance paperwork. I haven't even thought about clothes.

Carlos got his shots and info on the Rattlesnake vaccine.

Rattle- WHAT??? 
More shots? 

Picasso was going to move stalls but fortunately I will be able to leave him where he is. Just can't handle too much change at one time.

We've got a flight home for the daddy-o.  He will drive up with us which is good.  Except he thinks we can do this drive in one day.  Not good.  It's a good 18 hours in the car.


With all of this there have been no other REAL challenges.

But we did get to the baseball game tonight.

We have a  mini season ticket package of 8 games for our little minor league team. The stadium is about 5 minutes from our house and is just a bit bigger than a high school stadium. Ok, quite a bit bigger but still very intimate compared to Major League Baseball.

Unfortunately it wasn't a good night for our little team.  They lost- 7 to 10.

So please excuse if posts are slim to none for the next two weeks.  Going on an adventure seems to require a lot of planning...

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