05 June 2013


Recharging my batteries....

With the end of school looming and some changes around the house in the works, I haven't been focusing much on anything on my list.

I have been trying to tie up some loose ends and get lots of errands/appointments done and overall just neaten up day to day life. Also trying to get everything organized for the June trip to Colorado. But sometimes all that day to day stuff is exhausting.

Yesterday morning I woke up and realized there was nothing, nada, zip on my calendar for two whole days in a row. WOOHOO!

I texted a friend for lunch plans.  Carlos and I did the two mile trot around the neighborhood.

friend texted she couldn't make lunch.
That was a good thing because by 11:00am I had faded. By noon I had the chills, and shortly thereafter a fever.
Just the low grade kind that makes you feel crappy but doesn't really mean anything.

So I went to bed.
I played Candy Crush on my iPad. (Curse the child that introduced me to that little addiction. Here's some insight into the game. 300+ levels?? Nooooo! ) I read. I dozed. I watched useless TV.
Kids came and went. The hubs came home and quickly realized there was no dinner, or thought of dinner, or probably even any food to make dinner so he wisely grabbed a kid and took her out for food.

If you don't play this already, DON'T start.
More addictive than WWF.

And everyone survived.

This morning I woke up better, not 100%, but much better.  Still feeling a little wobbly but no fever.
Today I have done the bare minimum. Got the dog some food because we were O-U-T, out and otherwise he would not have eaten this evening. Paid the bills. Played more Candy Crush. I'm stuck on Level 33.

So.  Coincidence? I wonder.
Did my body just say "ok, here's a couple of days with no demands, I'm giving up"?
Or was it really just a little virus?

And if anyone knows how to get past that stupid Level 33 on Candy Crush, PLEASE let me know.

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