02 July 2013

No. 24: Organize all those photos

No. 24: Organize all those photos.

How long can I procrastinate over this one?

A gazillion old pictures documenting kids, room decor,
toys.  What to do with them? 

Apparently, a pretty long time.

Pics of my parents when they were a bit younger.

When I had my PC my photos were  neatly organized by year, then month. Except then the memory got full and some of the photos went on another computer. And Windows 7 or something came along and my Nikon didn't like the program and I had to download my photos a different way...so they went someplace else. So photos were spread all over.

Gorgeous sunsets. Or is that a sunrise? 

Then I got a Mac and everyone raved about how marvelous Macs are for photos and I was thrilled.

Pics of patient pets...

Until I tried using iPhoto. Ugh. It does marvelous things but the organization of it all is beyond me. I even spent a couple hours at the Apple store with iPhoto training. Still can't keep it straight.
What's the difference between an album and an event? Got me.

Field trip sightings...

So I need to put all my photos in one spot.

and soccer field successes.

There's plenty of memory on this computer. I just need to gather photos from a couple different sources and sort them.

And my boy with his guitar.

Does anybody have any suggestions?
I'm thinking I'll just make folders. Sort them by year and month. But then do I lose all the wonderful search capabilities?

My brother, Paul, who is no longer with us.

Are there any photo apps that have solved your photography storage issues?

 And Jake, also no longer here.
I miss these guys.

I need help.
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