27 June 2013


On the Down Side

Yesterday I wrote about looking up.

My husband is someone who is always looking down.
He doesn't trip or run into things.

He does FIND things!

Walking through parking lots he is always finding change. Tonight he picked up another penny. Sometimes I wonder just how much change he scavenges in a year.

Pennies and nickels
 and dimes, O My!

Driving a little car that is low to the ground he has found two watches,a bracelet,  a $100 dollar bill and a few twenties. Also lots of "diamond" earrings that have been separated from someone's ears. (Why are people removing their earrings in parking lots?)

He did not find these. 
I wish.
But he has found many similar earrings. 
Just not as nice.

When Bunny was little and closer to the ground she found "some money that daddy dropped".  Two hundred dollars to be exact.  Except that daddy hadn't dropped it. But someone had. We were between San Antonio and Houston, the owners probably miles down the road.  Bunny treated us to a lovely dinner on the San Antonio Riverwalk that night.

Dinner on the Riverwalk.
Thanks, Bunny.

So maybe looking down isn't as inspiring but it is more lucrative.
And probably safer.

Found anything good on the ground?
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