29 May 2013

Tidying Things Up

Tidying Up Some Loose Ends...

Nothing from my list again. Just thinking about some things (that's dangerous) and tidying up some others.

First: Results are in for Miss Bunny.

After 7 weeks, a strep test, mono test, TB test, ultrasound, CT scan, needle biopsy, surgery along with a second biopsy AND about $4000.00 (and counting) we finally ended up at an infectious disease specialist.  She reviewed EVERYTHING and looked at us and said "Mono. It has to be."  
Apparently the first test was done too early. We toddled off to the lab for yet more blood work and  guess what?!
Bunny has/had mono. She's recovering.
They drew blood for the CT scan, for the needle biopsy AND before the surgery. No one ever noticed something amiss with her blood work?
Modern medicine.

No more of this, thank goodness.


I am tickled/thrilled/ecstatic to announce that I ended up with over $700.00 in donations under my name to the One Fund Boston from my Charity Walk.
Again, thank you everyone.

And an article I read recently has gotten me asking everyone this one question.

Which ear do you put a phone up to for listening? 

I listen with my left ear and assumed EVERYONE did.  It makes sense to me because if you hold a phone with your left hand to your left ear, it leaves your right hand free to write or whatever. Perfect if you are right handed, which I am.

And I CAN listen with my right ear but I really have to concentrate. The right ear is harder for me to process language. My right ear also hears better- I know this because at night sometimes the bubbling turtle tank will wake me up. If I turn on to my right side, covering my right ear and leaving my left ear to "hear"- I can't hear the bubbling. If I am on my left side with my right ear uncovered, I can hear that tank. I'm losing my hearing and more in my left ear than my right.  Getting old sucks.
Never the less, I can only talk on the phone with my left ear.

So now you are picking up a phone and checking which ear you use, right?

Turns out the majority of the population uses their right ear.

Santa and I both use our left ear. 
We're special.

Right ear usage is tied to left brain dominance. The left side of your brain specializes in  “processing language and producing speech, carrying out sequential processing of information, focusing attention, and inhibiting negative emotions."*

The right side of your brain is tied to  “simultaneous processing of information, attending in a broad or diffuse way, forming and using spatial maps, and expressing intense emotions.” *


I'm a right brained person, there is NO doubt.  That spatial mapping thing? I'm a pro at that. 
I've been told I'm creative- some days more than others. 

And I just asked Steve, the left handed brother which ear he listens with and it is his left.
And most lefties process language on their left side (along with the righties) , although about 20% of them process with the right side of their brain.  

What does any of this mean? I have no idea. But it certainly intrigues me. 
I love brains. 
Use yours today. 

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