22 May 2013

Things that Make me Smile on Thursday

Things that are Making me Smile this Thursday:

No challenges, no stress, just some things that make me smile today.

The world can be a scary and stressful place. Sometimes just something happy is all I can handle.

First off:

It makes me smile that it is so easy to donate to the Red Cross for the Oklahoma tornado victims.
Text "REDCROSS" to  90999 to make a $10 donation through your mobile phone.  I don't know about you but my cell phone bill is so ridiculous with four Smart phones, texting, web-surfing, teens talking and TAXES that another $10.00 won't be noticed. Do it now. It's easy and the Red Cross really knows what they are doing.  You'll have an extra $10.00 charge on your cell phone bill.

Friday is my 27th wedding anniversary.  
It makes me smile that I will once again don my wedding dress for the 27th time and greet the hubs when he comes home from work. I have done this every year- even that year when I was five months pregnant and had to be pinned into the dress. I am no longer 5 months pregnant but I am also no longer 105 pounds so I will have to be pinned into that dress again tomorrow. 
And not to worry.  I do not wear the dress anywhere. I just put it on, make him laugh, then change and we go to dinner. 

Thank goodness for Lasik. 
LOVE those glasses.
And that prego belly.
Can you tell I got married in the 80s?
SUCH an 80s dress.

This photo I took of my girls last weekend really makes me smile. It is such a perfect image of the two of them with their heads together plotting over some Tweet/Instagram/Vine.

Belle and Bunny

Also, I promised a pic of Belle in her prom dress and it certainly makes me smile. She looks so beautiful and grown up and just amazing.  She is with her grandparents that live across the street and it makes me smile that they can share in little moments like this so easily.

My dad, Belle and Jean Mom

And this makes me smile: What I want to be when I grow up. An adult.
That will probably be in another 20 or 30 years or so.  No rush.

I think I'll be the one in blue.
Blue is a good color on me. 
Although pink hair would work, too.    *

This pic of puppy Carlos makes me smile so much  I put it on my credit card.
Isn't he adorable and tiny?

Carlos-3 months old

And this baby- OMG- she makes me smile.  What a face!

Baby Bunny in her Cozy Coupe.
The Cozy Coupe is the best selling car in the United States.

What's making you smile today?   

Happy Thursday.

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