11 May 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all....
the mommies, the grandmommies, the step-mommies, the "just accept other's kids as their own" mommies, the single daddies that are also mommies....

I hope everyone enjoys "their" day.
A few photos of the ones that make me a mom.

This is my mother, HER mother and me
with my first baby.
All I can say is yes,
some things do improve with age. 
That must have been the new mother/first baby haircut I was sporting. 
(And Yay! for Lasik)

Aren't these babies cute? 
At the El Presidente in Cozumel- my favorite.

Me and my big boy.

The middle. 
Same trip to Disney as above.
Six years ago.
You should see her now.

Baby Bunny before Homecoming last fall.
One of her friends asked to have his picture taken with me 
which prompted Bunny to say "I need a picture with my mom".  
Thank you, friend.
(And I just realized I have the same necklace on in all of these pictures.
Read about it here.)

I could also add about thirty pictures of kids here that I have considered my own over the years. 
My own kids will not claim me on Facebook but I have a few of their friends that have me listed as their mom. I love them all. 

Love you, JeanMom!

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