16 April 2013


We need to have a little chat.

I am sad.

As a parent there are so many things that I just assume should not/ will not/ could not happen that it just seems silly to address them.

Years ago, in our neighborhood, we had a young man try to kill his entire family-mother, father, brother. The father survived and says he has forgiven his son who now sits on death row. I remember the night this tragedy occurred. I was sitting at my computer and could hear the police helicopters practically landing in the back yard.
So did I now really have to tell my children that, along with all the other rules, you do NOT kill your parents and siblings? Even if you are really, really mad. Or really, really think that your parents favor your sibling or you really want their money or whatever.

For my daughter's sixth birthday, she took cookies to kindergarten to share with the class. Right before she passed them out, some crazy terrorists flew some planes into some buildings, killing 3000 people, more or less. Her cookies were put away, class was cancelled, kids were sent home.
So I had to explain that bad people killed lots of innocent people and, o yea, ruined her birthday.  
You aren't supposed to fly planes into buildings on purpose just to hurt others.

And movie theaters.
Not only should you not talk or text, you really shouldn't gun down unsuspecting movie goers.

In school, you should not cheat on tests, plagiarize papers or murder innocent children, teachers, and administrators.

And, when people are out running a race, don't put bombs at the finish line.  Another rule that no one should even have to think of,  but there it is.

I just want everyone to play nice. And that should not have to be said.
But I'm saying it.

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