01 April 2013

No. 17: Draw every day for a month. The final two days!

No. 17: Draw every day for a month.

Tada! Voila! Finally!!

March 30 and March 31.
The last two days of drawing. I made it- a sketch a day- and it was much more of a challenge than I thought it would be.

Here is Saturday's sketch. This is Marley, our youngest cat.  

Don't you love how the pets color coordinate with the decor? 

Marley night night.

Marley is another one of those pets that just mysteriously showed up in the hands of my middle child. Belle has a thing for animals. I dropped her off at the movie theater one July afternoon and when I picked her up - she had a kitten in her hands.  Swore that some girl was holding it and when she asked if she could pet it, the girl said "You can have it. I just found it."   
Who finds a cat at the movie theater? 
And because I figured she couldn't just set the kitten down on the sidewalk of a busy movie theater in the July heat- he came home with us. And he's been here two years almost.
We think Marley must have been raised by pigeons. He coos instead of purrs. 
We also think mom is an idiot that can't say no....

March 31, Easter night, and the subject is Carlos with his bone. It was late, I was tired and Carlos is always at my feet. 
Therefore, he is always a convenient subject.

Carlos ...and....


On to new challenges.
Thanks for your patience with all of these silly sketches.

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