05 March 2013

No. 17...

No. 17.  Draw every day for a month.
Days 4 and 5.

Day 4:

 Didn't take the photo until I was finished with the drawing.
Let the dog out, sat back down and could not get the photo angle right.

Day 5... Since I like to draw from real life, not a photo- the photos come after the picture is finished- the animals are a challenge. They just aren't very cooperative. They move.
But I love getting quick sketches of them.
This is Mina, our middle cat.  Originally a feral kitten that Bella found at her auntie's farm, she is now a lovely little fluff-ball that keeps my feet warm in the winter.  
Learned my lesson on this kitty. Never tell a 12 year old that "sure, you can keep that wild kitten if you can catch it" because they will always find a way to get that baby in the car. 

It interests me the way that I can look at the curves and there's nothing definite. Lines just fall away or the edges are curved- that's a challenge to convey to paper. The space behind the curved edge is what needs to be expressed. 
Drawing from a photo solves some of that- it takes the original from three dimensions to two- basically already flattening out everything for your eyes,  but it also takes the fun away. I like trying to capture the roundness.   
Don't usually get it right.  
But still trying.

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