30 March 2013

No. 17: Draw every day for a month.

No. 17: Draw every day for a month.
Getting close to the end!

On Wednesday, Day 27, I drew the Easter decorations.  Well, one of them.
And not very well.


Bad Bunny.

I've got to say this bunny is pretty uninspired.  But everyone is entitled to a bad day, right? 

Day 28 was Carlos...in color.

Carlos in real colors.

Carlos in green.

This dog just entertains me to no end.  And for some reason I love this drawing of him. He has such a  huge nose.   Shar Peis traditionally have large, hippo shaped heads. Carlos certainly delivers on that trait.  When he was a puppy and he would run, his head would get too heavy and he would trip over it.
He's special.

Day 29 finds Carlos in blue:

I also love the way the dog color coordinates with the rug. 

Such a sweet boy.

Two more days of drawing. Yay!

I will keep up the drawing but not feel quite so pressured to do every day.   Normally March seems to be the longest month to me, but this one has flown by. Busy, busy, busy.  Back to other concerns once April starts. 

Looking forward to welcoming a new great niece and great nephew in the next few weeks. Twins! How fun will that be!???

Happy Easter to all....hope the bunny comes to your house and leaves lots of chocolate.

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