27 March 2013

Monday and Tuesday, No. 17

Monday and Tuesday of No. 17: Draw every day for a month
(Wandering brain...)

O! I know we are all getting tired of these little drawings.
But, sorry, I committed to them and they leave me little time for anything else.


Monday I'm bonding with the produce again.
And using one of my favorite toys:  Water Color Pencils.

Reeves Water Colour Pencils 
(Why! They must be English!)

You can draw with these babies, then put a little wash of water over them and the pencil turns to water color paint. Aren't the colors wonderful??

Cutie and a grapefruit- Texas Ruby Red!

O yes! This was done with my left hand, also.
Don't you love those colors

And speaking of colors-
I'm loving all the vibrant colors that go along with the Indian Holi festival which is being celebrated now. My boss, Sonya,  is Indian and I have a friend, Dee, who is living in India right now. Dee is posting about the Holi festival so I had to get a clarification of exactly what Holi is all about. Sonya to the rescue.

Apparently it's my favorite kind of celebration.
It's about Spring and new beginnings and getting rid of the negative. It starts with a bonfire (apparently good for burning pictures of exes and maybe those bad grades that the stupid teacher gave you) and then there is a festival of colors.
(This is definitely the short version explanation- longer version here.)

And I do mean COLOR!!!

First a bonfire to get rid of the bad.

Pots and pots of powdered color!

Doesn't this look like FUN???

Even the elephants get in on the color.

Isn't this beautiful? 
Bunny wants a "teacup" elephant and is trying to convince Dee to send her one.
Except there is no such thing and I don't think FedEx would allow it anyway.
Nor would her mother.

So- my grapefruit is not THAT colorful but I love the brightness of the watercolor pencils. And I am ALL for welcoming new beginnings and getting rid of the old bad stuff.

(Yes, I know. That was a HUGE leap from grapefruit to an Indian festival but that's the way my mind works sometimes. Sorry.)

Tuesday night I was back to Miss Mina.

Who would have thought this little runt of a kitten would turn into such a beautiful fluff ball?

Mina who obviously thought she was bigger than she really was. 

And here she is grown up and gorgeous.

And sitting just a bit too close for me to get a good photo.
But she was being still so I wasn't going to push my luck.

And here she is in pencil on paper:

Again, lousy photo, because I didn't want to move and make her mad.
She sat so quietly while I was doing her face,
almost as if she knew she was posing.

So Happy Holi!  
And Happy Grapefruit! 
And Happy Fluff Ball Kittens that grow up to be beautiful, beautiful Fluff Ball Cats.

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