17 March 2013

First World Problems!?

Really? I'm whining?  
What do I have to whine about?

No challenges today. Just a little reflection.

Do you ever feel overwhelmed? The day to day stuff gets to me because I seem to be responsible for so much.

Plenty of times I just ignore things that need doing because I am so tired of being the one responsible. I am under the mistaken belief that if I don't handle x,y or z then someone else will.

That never happens.

(I think this is called magical thinking. I wish I had some stronger magic!)


But really, most of my problems-and probably yours- are First World problems.
I mean, really.

Bunny yelled down to me that her ceiling has a crack in it. I'm figuring the roof is leaking- we know that the roof's days are numbered. But no, I go up and look and it appears someone put a large knife through her ceiling.  Just a slit cut up there. It's the weirdest thing. But teenagers... you never know.

And Boy, in his infinite wisdom, removed some shelves from his walls. Unfortunately they were attached with those plastic wall anchors. Unable to figure out how to remove them, he just yanked them out. Need a little taping and floating done in that room now.   (For those of you that, like Boy, don't know how to get those plastic anchors out- here is the handy dandy educational video.)

And Belle and another girl backed into each other in the school parking lot. Her car has a broken tail light, the other car needs the back and side panel replaced. A little negotiating with the other parent and we are each out $800 and the insurance company doesn't have to be involved. Belle's tail light was only  $200 of that $1600. total amount. Ugh.

And appointments need to be made and people called, Passports renewed, dentists seen and things done and it is just. too.  much.

So what did I do this morning after waking up early because so much was running through my head?

I grabbed my mat and went to yoga.

Silly yoga mat. 
Hiding behind the horse supplements, next to the reusable grocery bags
and on top of the "sitting at a freezing soccer game" blanket.
Think my trunk needs some editing?

Then I came home and made a zillion phone calls, wrote a check for the car repairs,  turned it over to the other daddy and returned some things that needed returning. Made a HUGE dent in the "things to be done" category.
And then I took a magazine and sat by the pool, absorbing a little healthy Vitamin D.


Sometimes you just have to tackle things to get them off your mind.   And then take a break.

And yes, First World Problems.

Because we have a roof over our heads to go bad, walls protecting us to be damaged, cars for the kids to drive and sometimes wreck, many phones to make phone calls with and a pool to lounge around.

And we also have pretty basic solutions.

Stretch. Sun. Read.


How do you cope when you feel overwhelmed? 

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