04 February 2013

No. 44: Read a book a week for a month, the final chapter

No.44:  Read a book a week for a month.
The final chapter...

I did it!

I finished book number four on Jan 31. A book a week for a month.
And I was surprised.
I figured Recessionistas was just a silly novel about the rich becoming not so rich.
Instead I got a fairly thorough lesson on the downfall of the lending and banking systems in 2008-2009 along with the government bail out of the same. That was the real story.
The characters were really just to move along the explanation of what went wrong with the economy.
That made me like this book even more. A history and economics lesson all rolled into an easy read novel. A two-fer.

My bonus book was actually read in one sitting during the first week of January.
The Fault in our Stars was a book for my 14 year old. She actually asked me to buy it for her.
Now it is unusual for my kids to ask for books just for fun to read. Public school pretty much kills the desire to read for fun it seems. At least that is what all three of my kids tell me.
I'm beginning to think school kills a lot of things in kids-but that's another post, another story.
Anyway, The Fault in Our Stars tells of a young cancer patient and her friendship with another cancer patient and it is easy and sweet and sad.
 I had to research the author because I figured if he didn't have a child with cancer, he must have been close with a child that did.  Turns out he worked for a short time as a chaplain at a children's hospital where he got up close and personal with dying children. It shows in the voices of his characters.
This may have been my favorite of the five books I read.

Anyway, this was a fun project to complete and not as easy as I thought it would be. Life gets in the way sometimes. But, No. 44 done.

And the snow report from last weekend? Coming up later this week, once I catch up on my sleep.
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