24 December 2012

No. 9: Another blast from the past

No. 9: Start a blog that I actually let people read.

Re- reading my old posts from 4 and five years ago I am amazed and surprised to see how many of them pertain to death in some way. 

I am not a morbid person at all.  Death doesn't particularly scare me- we all do it eventually.

But my dog dies, my son goes to an autopsy, teenagers have brushes with death in these posts. Probably half of them have to do with something related to dying. Must be related to my firm believe that if you talk about something then it won't happen. Ignoring the bad stuff lets it sneak into your life.

So, since this is Christmas eve which should be about life and joy- those posts will not see the light of day. Instead something more fun will be shared.  Something silly. 

Like new cowboy boots. I am a Texas girl, after all. 

And in February of 2011, I got "new" boots.
We went to the rodeo!

I bought some new cowboy boots yesterday. I use the term "new" loosely as they are only new to me. Wandering through one of my favorite consignment stores, Free the Monkey in Salida,Colorado, I spotted this awesome pair of pointy toe boots in the perfect shade of gray. I love gray for accessories-it goes with everything. Or at least everything I wear. It was an immediate connection. I knew I had to have them.

Grabbing them from their perch I thought the size looked right. Slipped my foot in and Voila! Perfect! How could that be? What luck! And the price was right-$19.99.
All I had to do was get past the slight yuck factor of wearing someone else's boots. But they felt like MY foot had always been in them. So I got over that real quick. And anyway, I wear socks with my boots.

Now I am a Texas girl born and raised. But I haven't owned a pair of cowboy boots in probably thirty years. ( I have a horse and I ride, but English hunter/jumper- sacrilege- and wear tall very non-cowboy boots to do so.)  I'd been thinking recently of getting a pair but they are always so stiff. And the ones I want are so expensive. And I don't want to pay a lot of money for boots that need to be broken in. So many reasons these were perfect.

I put them on this morning to drive to the airport in Colorado Springs and I think there might be some magic in them. I stood taller. Well, duh! They do have heels, something I don't wear on a regular basis. But they gave a little swagger to my walk. And a chance conversation had "y'alls" dripping from my mouth like honey. I do say "y'all", but not with that much of an accent. I smiled at everyone, flipping my long blonde Texas hair. I was a stereotype and loving it.

Now the irony of flying to Colorado and coming home with a pair of cowboy boots is not lost on me. Belle said recently that she's afraid Colorado is "out-Texasing Texas". That's okay. 

I've got new cowboy boots. 

Don't care where they came from. 


So- I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas eve and Christmas day. I hope you get something new and wonderful and magic that you are thrilled with- we all need some treats in our life. 

Merry, merry. 

Love, Nancie 

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