11 December 2012

A Different Kind of List: Some Christmas Gift Ideas

A different kind of list:

OK…it is two weeks until Christmas so instead of accomplishing anything on my 60x60 list, I am trying to complete my Christmas shopping list.  
Or start my list is more like it. I am woefully behind.

Me and the Big Guy.
Making sure my list is taken care of.

Here are some suggestions that I may or may not be getting for those near and dear. (Or may have in the past gotten for them- but they still seem like good ideas to me.) 

For anyone with a cell phone but mostly for teenagers who can use up a cellphone battery by noon, a battery charger.  click here

For fashionistas . A really, really cool bracelet. click here

For anyone and everyone that owns an iPod or listens to music or really anyone between two and ninety.  Finally! Ear buds that fit. click here

For your mom, your aunt or me.  Well, I’m already getting one for my birthday. I know because I bought it myself. A perfect size serving bowl or –in my case- fruit bowl.  click here

For your dad, uncle, or your partying friends. Or me. (Except I’d like a little more girly one.) A flask to monogram.  Click here.

For your nephew that lives in Utah where it gets reeeeaaallllyyy cold. Cashmere dress socks. Practical and stylin'.  Click here.

For the munchkin nieces and nephews. Make meals fun again. They might even be willing to eat some vegetables with these face plates.  Click here or here

For the babies on your list- and their parents.  Links to limit that “Let’s throw things out of the stroller” phase. Click here

For your favorite furry friend- doggy style: Food storage to keep things fresh.  Click here

(Bonus points if you fill it up with treats first before adding that red bow.)

And for the kitty at the foot of the bed. (That’s where mine usually is.) Click here. 

 (Again, bonus points for filling with kitty kibble first.)

Voila!  Everyone’s shopping is done.
And not one thing on this list is over $75.00.  How's that for smart? 

Now, don’t be lazy. 
Wrap beautifully. 
And enjoy the next two weeks.

Not a paid advertisement for any of this stuff- just things I like.

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