12 October 2018

Musings on Mountains, Majesty, Men and Murder

Musings on Mountains, Majesty, Men and Murder...

The mountains and skies around me have been drama queens. We got our first snow this week which is a big event in Colorado. The skiers get hyped up, predicting when the resorts will open. Boots and sweaters come out. Everyone is excited.

Before the snow came rain, and through all of it...amazing skies.

Rainbows on the way to work.

A double rainbow to start my workday

Sunrises to knock your socks off.

 No filter. Just your basic sunrise in paradise.

 Pink mountains with pink clouds behind. 
Pretty amazing, huh?!

The cool front coming in.
Sun shining on the foreground, mountains behind shrouded in clouds. 

And then SNOW!

I woke up to a car covered in white.

Had to run down to the basement for the snow scraper!
LOVE my new windows. 

The front yard got a good dusting.
The Twin Sisters are in hiding...

The view from my parking lot at work is pretty amazing. The Collegiate Peaks off in the distance, with snow caps on!

I'm surrounded by mountain ranges!

By the end of the day most of the snow is gone.

I love these first fall snows. They dump a couple of inches of white stuff, then the sun comes out, the temperature rises and it's another gorgeous fall day. Soon enough the temps won't rise above 40º. I'm in no hurry to get there.

Thursday morning's temps.
I'm not too big on turning the heat on in the house overnight so, yes, 
it was 58º in the living room.

And men? Sigh.

Inspired by my friend Libby who obviously has a stronger constitution than I do, I briefly signed up for online dating. So briefly my picture never got approved before I took my profile down.  Less than 12 hours. And why did I stop before I even  started?
Take a look.

Give Theatreguy points for smiling. At least I know he has teeth.
Bandit? What are you planning on stealing? The silver?
And the other two?  I can't even. 

These may be lovely gentlemen but seriously. Are these the best pics you can come up with? Just what/who are you trying to attract? Here's my bit of advice for guys on dating sites. Put down the fish. Have someone else take your picture. Smile so I know you have teeth. Come up with a name that makes me believe you won't rape, rob or carve me up at the first coffee date. 

This guy had about twelve different names, all with the same lovely picture.

However, as bad as these might be... Libby made me feel better. These are a couple of her favorite shots from Texas.  

Just No.

Again. No. 

I'll pass.

And murder? Maybe that should be mercy.

On my way to work this morning I passed a truck on the side of the road, three men in their thirties standing next to it, with a doe on the ground, calmly staring straight ahead. My brain snapped; they had struck her. Then I realized she must be very hurt to not be running off. A quick glance in the rearview got me an image I won't soon forget. A hand raised, two men turning away slightly, a trigger pulled and a head flying back.

I believe that is the first time I have ever witnessed something be shot. I'll be just fine if it is the last.  I'm grateful one of those guys had a pistol- the poor deer did not need to suffer. I know it was the right thing to do. Just a rough way to start the day.

Deer in the road. It's a fact of life around here. 
It's not a matter of "if", it's a matter of "when" you will hit one.
This is Bunny's car after she hit a BIG buck a few years back. 
The sheriff had to put that one out of his misery.

So...I'm going back to looking at the mountains. Tonight's drive home was magnificent.
And when I got home?
The Twin Sisters shining in all of their glory.

Snow at the higher elevations, nothing near me. 

Life here in South Central Colorado is different. So very very different from where I grew up in Houston, Texas. I marvel at the path that brought me here. I marvel at the things that are part of my daily life. 
Bear scat on the road behind my cabin,  a black widow spider on the wall outside my office door, mountains everywhere, beautiful skies, and freezing temps, sometimes indoors AND out.  It's now my life.  

Lucky me.