14 November 2017

Redemption ...

Redemption in the Form of Chalk Paint.

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have probably heard of chalk paint. It's the magical paint that goes over anything and covers everything. No sanding required, no priming. Supposedly.  Once the paint is on, you can wax over it to finish it (easier than it sounds) or even use polyurethane. I wish there was chalk paint make up.

Annie Sloan introduced chalk paint but other companies have come up with their own version. Supposedly you can even make it yourself with latex paint and plaster of Paris but I'm not that adventurous. Yet. Since there are no Annie Sloan "stockists" around here, I settled for some Rustoleum chalked paint from Home Depot to refinish a little project that I had inherited.

Last summer neighbor Heather posted a headboard and footboard on the local Swap Facebook page (kind of a tiny local Craig's List) that she had been given to sell. No one wanted it. I'm pretty sure it had been stored in a barn for a while. A long while. She offered to give it away. Still no takers.  I finally said "Stick it in my shed if you can't find a home for it. Maybe I can do something with it."

My bed has been in need of a headboard. I saw possibility.

Once I arrived back here in Colorado and peeked into my shed...eek!
That possibility was looking more like a catastrophe.

Here's what I started with:

 Both pieces were a lot rougher than I expected.
Notice the center of the headboard- a finial or something was broken off. 

 The foot board also had a broken piece. Half of a ball missing. 

Necessity is the mother of invention.
I didn't want a ball here- that sounded uncomfortable.
I found a piece of wood in the basement and had it cut to fit. 
Works for me. 

Both pieces got dragged into the basement- I highly recommend having a heated basement- and I DID sand. And used a lot of filler. And sanded some more. That chalk paint can only do so much.

While the center of the headboard got that little block of wood, the footboard ball was left as is. I figured we were both starting new lives a little worn and chipped.  Some kindness and magic and a little elbow grease go a long way towards making things - if not new-at least good again. Useable. Functional. And yes, even beautiful. 

Heres' what I ended up with:

 I love the light gray. So soft.

 That little wood block at least finishes off the center, even if it isn't perfect. 

 The broken ball has character. 
I know it is there yet I had to look for it when I was taking pics. 

Isn't it cozy looking? 
Fortunately you can't see the dirty paw prints on the comforter.
Carlos has been trying to dig up gophers. He comes in a total mess. 

I was so happy with the bed that I decided to tackle a vanity that has been up in the guest room. I bought it used and in only slightly better shape than it is now. 

Isn't it a fun little deco piece

 Love these fan pulls. 
I hope they polish up nicely. 

The mirror has the same ribbed design. 
I think they belong together and have just been separated.

This side is going to need some filler. 

It will require a lot of filling and some sanding before it can be painted but I think it will be worth it. The vanity was purchased at a resale store in town eight years ago, the mirror came from the dump (!)  just a few years back, but it looks to me like they were made for each other.   I have a nice dark charcoal gray chalked paint to cover the war wounds. 

So, even the broken and worn stuff can be salvaged. And maybe, just maybe, these things turn out even better than new with their scars and character.   Or at least more interesting.
Substance over flash. 


A funny. 
I had an 8"x2" piece of wood for that center piece that I needed cut to about 5" long. 
I sent neighbor Sue a text asking if her house had a saw that could cut a piece of wood for me.
Her son showed up a bit later with a chainsaw.
Sometimes you need to be more specific.