20 March 2018

No. 70: Go to a Presidential Library

No. 70: Go to a Presidential Library 

Wow! Actually accomplished something on my list for a change.

Last weekend while I was in Texas, I attended a wedding in Dallas with many of my High School traveling friends. We had Saturday morning free and Martha Anne suggested a trip to the George W Bush Presidential Library. Hey! Visiting a presidential library is on my list, Number 70 to be exact.  So we went.

I wasn't sure what to expect...a museum? A library with books? Boring?

Me, the library entrance, 
and a beautiful Texas day.

Museum most accurately fit the bill.  As a bonus there was an exhibit on the First Ladies and their accomplishments.

In the beginning, the most a Presidential spouse could hope for was 
recognition of her "Hostessing" abilities. 
Gotta start somewhere. 

Lady Bird Johnson made life more beautiful.
She reigned in the highway billboards and sowed wildflowers.
The world can always use more beauty.

Laura Bush was a teacher. 
I love this quote. 

Allison, Kathleen, and Martha Anne watching a movie 
on the First Ladies. 

The change and inspiration these women have brought about in their unelected position is amazing. (I'm waiting for a First Man so the exhibit can be changed to First Spouses. I'm also waiting for our current First Lady to do SOMETHING. Or maybe not. Maybe she is doing us a favor by not doing a thing.)  Thrust into the limelight, they became style leaders, opened up our eyes to addiction and mental illness, made breast cancer a subject that could be discussed rather than brushed under the rug and beautified our nation.

Fully inspired, we headed into the permanent museum exhibits.   While I'm  a Texas girl, I wasn't a huge fan of George W.   Truthfully I didn't think he was that smart. At least he did have the brains to surround himself for the most part with people who were smart. That helped. I was proud of the way he handled 911. And he was and is a good person.

The exhibits are fun.  Interactive. Educational. In his eight years as President, George W. dealt with a lot.

His most Presidential moment was his response to the 911 terrorism attacks on New York City and the Pentagon.

Steel from the Twin Towers. 
Just this in the middle of the room.
So powerful.

Some of his other highlights included Medicare Part D which is the Senior prescription drug plan, creating three national marine monuments in the Pacific Ocean that protects almost 200,000 square miles of aquatic life, his relief for AIDS which has saved lives and helped prevent the spread of that horrible disease, and his capture of Saddam Hussein.

He had his failures too. Those weren't exactly the focus of the library.

There was a wonderful film of his daughters talking about their life with a Presidential father. Bush is a family man and it was nice to see that aspect of his life. His dogs were highlighted. Loved those Scottish terriers.

Was he a great President? Probably not. But he did the job as best as he could. I love this quote and wish our current President would read it.

Earned, not a given.
Easily lost. 

My favorite part of the library? 
The Oval Office. 
I got to sit at a reproduction of Bush's desk. Complete with the magical red button. 

Don't I look comfortable and in charge? 
Sign me up. 
I've raised teenagers,
I'm sure I could run the country. 

We finished the day with lunch at the attached cafeteria. Just like Disney World, the library empties into a gift shop and there's a restaurant near by. A winning formula.  CafĂ© 43 had surprisingly good food and it was a wonderful way to end our visit.

Me, Martha Anne, Allison and Kathleen 
Great friends,
great day,
great visit. 

No.70 is in the books.