23 December 2016

Merry Merry

Merry Merry Christmas....

Best wishes for a merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah, cheery Kwanzaa or festive Festivus

I thought I would take y'all on a little Christmas home tour in honor of the holiday and the fact that this is first time in four years I've actually been home in time to decorate a tree.  And because I had the time, I decorated not one, not two but THREE trees this year. 

Sadly I am not going to pose in front of my trees wearing a dress cut down to my navel a la Beyoncé.

First up is my little woodland tree. This one needs to go the cabin. 

7.5 feet tall (but skinny!) and decorated with pine cones, birds,
nests, nuts and leaves. 

 A little bristly mouse

 Assorted pine cones

 A felt bird

The stockings are hung by the chimney with care....
That Santa on the left was made by my aunt and has been around since the 1960s. 
Everyone knows they will be killed if anything happens to the Santa.
I'm sure that's the only way he has survived.

Over the giant obnoxious TV we have a wooden fish.
He got dressed up for the holidays. 
(A little poster putty is perfect for sticking ornament "bubbles" to the wall.)

This little "milagro" tree was a birthday present from friend Cathy a couple of years ago. 
It stays up year round but gets extra glass ornaments for the holidays. 

The dining room got my icicle tree. 
There are over 600 icicles on this one tree, 
some valuable, some plastic. 
And maybe a few hanging from the chandelier.

There are a few snowflakes thrown into the mix just to keep things interesting.

 A Baccarat  angel hangs from the red ribbon.
She's allowed on there only because she's crystal and blends with the crowd. 

 Twirly icicles, beaded ones, glass and plastic. 
Love them all. 

 There's even a star or two.

Shelves on either side hold Christmas treasures and nativities.
The stained glass tree on top was given to us by the restaurant manager at Los Tios Mexican restaurant many many years ago. He loved the kids and we ate there WAYYYY too much. 
We also have stained glass angels for the girls, Boy got a stained glass window and ...
because the restaurant manager used to manage a club with live music...
Boy also got a signed poster from Ozzy Osborne. 
Like I said, we ate there wayyy too much.

This nativity set is my absolute favorite.
Painted by the kids when they were 3, 5 and 9.
I have no idea why a green monster was included in the set and I think the 
little brown things are actually poodles, not lambs.
I particularly like the red eyed devil angel. 

The Santa bank and two reindeers are also mine from the 1960s.
Amazing they are still in one piece. 
You'll notice the nativities do not have baby Jesus in them yet.
He doesn't get put out until Christmas morning because..duh..
he isn't born until then.

Up the stairs, in the "art niche",  is the tin Mexican tree.
(Why o why did builders think it was such a wonderful idea to put art niches in houses?)

The tin ornaments have been in a box in the attic for over thirty years. 
They were all purchased in San Miguel de Allende in 1974/75 and 
used on my Christmas trees when I was single. 
This is the first time they have been out of their box in ages. 

The candle and donkey might be traditional Christmas themes 
but the fish and butterfly, maybe not.

However, at my house growing up we always had the Christmas pig.
And the Easter pig.
Not sure why. 

The Christmas watermelon is another favorite. 
When did watermelon become a Christmas symbol?
O yea, it's not.
Anyway, I love this little tree and am so happy to have these 
guys out of their box and on display. 

Finally, at the bottom of the stairs in the entry, there is a little desk with
some garland. (And some fish. Lots of fish in this house.) 
The Christmas cards gather in the red bucket so everyone can see them.

Thanks for coming along on the tour. Hope it put you in a jolly frame of mind. It's the closest I'll get to "sending out a card" this year. 

A Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night. Or good day.  Here's to lots of presents, family, food and fun. 


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