06 November 2016



I am in Colorado this week so this is a quick post. (Sadly, Blogspot on an iPad is impossible.)

BUT!   Tuesday we elect a new President whether you like it or not. 

Go out and  vote, if you haven't already.  Do NOT vote twice because you think the system is rigged. That's called voter's fraud. But please please please vote once. 

While possibly close to half the country will be disappointed on Wednesday, we will all be able to rejoice in the fact that the election is over. Done, 

(O God. Please don't let it be a tie. But even if there is a tie, our Constitution has it handled. The House and the Senate take over. We, the people, are out of the picture.)

So, in the immortal words of Nike (the shoe company not the Greek Goddess) "Just do it."

And no whining on Wednesday. If your person isn't elected, be gracious. Grace has been sorely lacking from this campaign. Let's rise above. Make the best. If you don't like the results, get involved. 
You be the change you want to see. 

But please. Be civil. And vote. 

  1. 1
    of or relating to ordinary citizens and their concerns, as distinct from military or ecclesiastical matters.
    "civil aviation"
    • 2
      courteous and polite.
      "we tried to be civil to him"
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