24 June 2016

Good morning!

Hey! Look where I am.
Quite a surprise. 

And why am I here? 
Albert Einstein. 
Yep, blame him.
Because I am taking his words of wisdom to heart.
You know:
Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, and expecting different results. 
Sometimes you have to stand up for yourself, shake off the same ol', same ol' and draw a line in the sand.  

So I'm back in Colorado with Carlos. He is soooo happy. The last 30 minutes of the drive he was standing up in the back seat, squealing into my ear. It surprises me that dogs can tell where they are going but I guess they recognize paths whether on foot or in cars just like we do. Certainly he has done the drive enough. 

Today's project is a trip to the post office followed by this:

This used to be my beautiful flower bed. Now it is my weed bed. Beautiful only if you are Morticia Adams. 
And then maybe off to find a keyboard. Brought the computer and the mouse, but forgot the keyboard. Oops. Blogging on the iPad is a challenge. Can't figure out how to add links. 

Have a wonderful day and a fabulous weekend.
I'm going to. 

10 June 2016


O look! 

I promised to check in and I haven't. Sorry.

We made it to Colorado and back unscathed. Four adults and one large dog in a car for 16 hours each way. Never again. Bunny is no longer a high school student. I'll do a post on that soon. 

But... Bunny is officially a college student. She has her student ID and is registering this very moment for classes.  And to get to registration we made another 11 hour car trip to Mississippi. And we are going to make that same trip back home again today. 

Officially sick of cars. Sick of driving. 

I've been baby sitting a puppy during the day. 

Took the wonderful Mercedes (love that car soooo much) to finally get fixed from its up close and personal encounter with a deer last November. 
Also got one of those cute "You have an airbag that can kill you" letters from Mercedes Benz. Particularly thrilled that the letter says in one paragraph that my car can kill me then follows up in the next paragraph by saying "There's nothing you need to do right now. Just wait until we get a replacement airbag and we'll let you know." No time frame.  

Also fighting discrimination against my daughter and her room mate. They have been trying to rent a house in Florida and while they jumped through all the hoops the landlord required, he decided at the last minute that he didn't want to lease to two young girls that were waitresses. Unfortunately (for him) he waited until the lease was signed by all parties to make this decision.   Ridiculous. Some heated phone calls back and forth and possibly the mention of a lawsuit and they take possession today. 

Soooo...... Life. Life has been happening.

Better than the alternative.