09 September 2015

Still at Green Acres....

Still at Green Acres....

O! I've been bad about updating and I know it. Summer really took over, with a lazy attitude and mindless occupations. O! And work. Lots of work.

But now it is September, Labor Day weekend is done, kids are back in school and life goes on. 

I realized over the last two years I have updated with my thoughts on living here at (what seems like) Green Acres. (Here and Here and Here.)  Except you know what?  It no longer feels like Green Acres so much. Dishes by hand? Just how it is. At least there isn't a dishwasher to empty.   The recycling center is second nature. We don't compost per se but all the veggie scraps go to the goats who come over every night to graze.   Sometimes I use the dumpster at work to dispose of trash, some Saturdays I make it to the dump. Sometimes the dumpster at work is flipped on its side by the bear. I just wait for someone to show up that has more muscles than I do and we flip it back up. This is all just daily living.

 Traditionally dumpsters work better when they are
upright.   Bad bears.

Bunny is back at school. She will graduate in December thanks to the efforts of her high school principal that did not want to lose her back to Texas for her Senior year.  I think we are both very happy with that decision. The school is reasonable about absences and it's only a four day week and Bunny is learning to think, not learning to take tests. 

But because Bunny is here that means another season of my being in limbo. Pretty much it is a way of life now. When I started this blog, "Move" was on my list. It was pretty much wishful thinking. I did not really expect it to happen. The hubs is not one for change. At all. But here I am, starting my third Fall in Colorado. Last April I would have told you I would be in Texas at this time. Same for the April before that. Things change. It's all good! 

And we still have our Third World moments.

Sunday we had no internet. For about 6 hours, nada. And we use the Internet a lot. We text to keep in touch. But not without internet because...
Verizon is not the cell provider of choice around here. We've been with them so long, and our return to Texas was imminent (so so many times), we have kept with them. That means my cell phone does not work at all at home or work or anywhere in my little town. We can text but only iPhone to iPhone and it requires WiFi.  Except. Except. It works at the cemetery and the dump. Which of course makes perfect sense.    
But yesterday, Verizon decided not to work ANYWHERE around here. A whole day of just no service. Not at the dump, not even in the next town over, nowhere. Ridiculous. Like two counties of people just didn't have any cell service yesterday. Finally came up about 7pm. 

Then this morning I was talking to my mom on the land line and the power blinked off, which made my phone blink off. Really? Is it that hard to keep phone lines open? The electricity flowing? The internet online? 

Green Acres. Still. 

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