24 September 2015

Breaking a Bad Habit

Habits: Good and Bad


Know what I have discovered? Once you get out of a habit, it is soooo much harder to start up again. That's a good thing if it is a bad habit. (smoking, drugs, just about all the fun stuff in excess) Not so great if it is a good habit. (exercise, forward movement and -yes- writing)

So I am diving in.

A quick catch up.

August was mostly just work.   Carlos hated it. I was gone all the time.

September has been a whirl.

School for Bunny.

We both went to Florida for Belle's TWENTIETH birthday.

 Bunny and Belle (blowing in the wind) 
after Belle's birthday dinner. 
💗 that these two hold hands.

I got to meet Belle's little dog, Dakota. 
He has three legs. 
And he adores Belle. 

I came home to NO job.  Yep, that was a surprise.

This past weekend was Uncorked, the Wine and Music Festival, in Lake City.  I invited myself to my friend Liddy's house for the weekend.

Chairs lined up to to watch and listen to music.
The tents are home to bottles and bottles of wine.

Liddy and me, partaking.
(She'll probably shoot me for posting this because
  she really is way more beautiful than this pic suggests. 
Awkward expression but best I got.)
Groups get together and set up tables of food, just in case you don't 
want to buy from the many vendors.

Fall arrived.

Bunny has been put on the Homecoming Court for school which  apparently requires dresses, more dresses and parental involvement.

And how am I doing on the list? Horrible. No movement at all. Will that change?  Hope so.

There are 2 or 3 of the items I hope to check off before October is over.   But October is going to be busy. Lots of visitors.  Can't wait!

In the meantime I am enjoying Fall with a capital F.   The calendar says it is here and for once, the calendar isn't lying.  
How do I know? The aspen were almost in full glory when I drove over Monarch Pass last weekend. (Last years pics here) Everywhere leaves/trees are turning and I confess to wasting gas just driving around, admiring Mother Nature. Hiking weather is perfect although bear weather is also perfect so that's a bit of a push/pull for me.  My Twin Sisters are speckled with yellow.

Also, I'm reaching for my jeans most every day instead of shorts. I grab a light hoodie if I leave the house early or late.  Lows have been in the 40s, highs in the 70s. There's no snow on the peaks of the Sisters but that will come. Another month....
And a sure sign of Fall and cooler temps: the electric blanket  is out of its plastic bag and back on the bed. I'm waiting on the heavier comforter but some mornings...well, let's just say I've been thinking about that electric blanket fondly.

Now that I'm not working, I promise to get back on schedule.

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