10 March 2015

What I've Been Doing...

What I've been doing....


Right outside my back door.

And trenches.

Moving the water....

And no, it's not fun.

Boots stuck in mud. Ugh. 

I've always wanted a "mud room" and when we got this cabin, lo and behold! It had a mud room. Ha! If I had known that a mud room was a requirement because there would be MUD, I wouldn't have been so anxious for one.

Carlos modeling in our mud room.
Prior to the arrival of actual mud.
See all those rubber boots? 
They get worn a lot.

In February there was about 30" of snow over a ten day period. Now we are warming up with days in the 50s and sun. So guess what? 

All of that snow is melting. And I have a dirt drive. A dirt drive that slopes from the lane down to my back door. 

 The steps right out the back door. 


It feels like the entire mountain of snow is melting and running down my drive.

This picture doesn't really really show how steep the drive is.
But it's all uphill from here.

The neighbor has taught me how to make little trenches to move the water.  That does help with drying things out. But as soon as I move some water, more comes. You can actually hear it burbling away as I dig my little trenches. 

My shovel is my friend.

Some days I'm needing the Hummer with "for real" four wheel drive just to get out of the drive and down the lane. 

The lane has a really low spot also. More mud. Washing the cars is just a joke. 

But this week there is nothing but sun forecast.  Crossing my fingers that the drive will dry. 

And praying that we don't get another 30" of snow. 

Shoes are covered in mud.
The deck is covered in mud.
I am covered in mud.

Pray for sun.

(Since I totally grew up in a city with concrete driveways and paved roads, this is all new to me. And new to Bunny. She told me the other day that if most of her friends from Texas actually saw where we live now, they wouldn't believe it. Too foreign. Too primitive.   That's okay. It's also
too beautiful and too fun*. But don't tell.)

*Except mud season, or when it's dumping snow. But most of the time, pretty marvelous.
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